Sri. Siddaramaiah
Hon'ble Chief Minister
KSSDA Document

Creation of KSSDA PD No.64 SMC 2008 Date 25-03-2009
      a) Memorandum of Association - Annexure -1
      b) Rules & Regulations of KSDA - Annexure - 2
             i) Title & Commencement
            ii) Defination
           iii) Membership of the Society
           iv) General Council
           v) Governing Council
          vi) Powers & Functions of Governing Council
         vii) Powers & Functions of of Project Director
        viii) Service Rules of employees of the society
          ix) Funds
          x) Properties
          xi) Accounts & Audit
         xii) Annual Report
        xiii) Suit & Proceedings
        xiv) Indemnity
         xv) Validation of Act
        xvi) Common Seal
       xvii) Power of the State Government
Registration of KSSDA as a Society Date 20-04-2009
Creation of KSSDA Post GO No. PD 64 SMC 2008 Date 5/8/2010
Proceedings of First Governing Council Meeting Date 02-12-2009
Proceeding of Second Governing Council Meeting Date 07-04-2011
Proceeding of Third General Council Date 26-05-2012
Proceeding of First General Council Date 07-04-2011
Proceeding of Second General Council Date 17-12-2011
Proceeding of meeting to procure Suitable Statistical Analysis Software Date 23-04-2011